WJR 1. 1 - 25


Earn the Honor

“But the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding go out to meet it.”

– Thucydides (c. 460 – 400 B.C.)

[1] To live a Life without Honor is to have not really Lived, an opportunity lost. [2] To commoditize our Life in favor of concept conformity is to become a subject, to yield our own liberty. [3] To serve the dreams of others at the expense of our own is to deliver our own oppression.

[4] And the finger of blame cannot and must not point anywhere but at us, the power of choice was embedded in us for good and wise purposes – we must use it – we are the honorable guardians of our own Joy.

[5] The mere implication that any human holds right or rule over our well-being is an absurdity. [6] Progress and well-being are self-created – from the decisions we make to the actions we take – the value state of our Life is dependent upon no one but us. [7] Under no circumstances can or should some abstract notion of success drive our actions or our behavior. Too many before us have suffered and been washed away in pursuit of meaning that wasn’t their own, we cannot further the fate.

[8] As we age and mature, our own individual version of success develops and separation between our version and all others should be a natural occurrence. There may be no time in history when we’ve exercised less judgment or independence in this regard than in current times. And with Pain now at intolerable levels, the time to change course is upon us.

[9] We must now accept the natural pride that is native to Life and champion the right to Win the way we want to Win, create the value we want to create, and realize the Joy that we want to realize in an honorable, meaningful, and sustainable way.

[10] We must now embrace and embolden diversity. We’re all free to pursue our own internal truths and however they manifest for each of us, we must now collectively support all efforts to honorably and uniquely contribute to Life as the inspirations that they are. [11] The just success of one is the success of all and each individual’s pursuit to Honor Life is the bond that must tie us and keep us together going forward.

[12] Be not fooled by the claims that we’ve flourished under the present ways. To the contrary, the present ways represent less of the spirit that frees than what the spirit seeks to free itself from. [13] The irrational behavior running rampant in our world today is kin to the energy that long ago shoved us further than it should have and ignited our courage to revolt and protect all that was justly ours.

[14] Is there any power less fit to guide or influence us than that which we’ve let harm us? How far will it have to go before we issue overt absence of care and selective accountability what it deserves? Failure to act against wrong does not render it right.  And should the multitude remain in its current passive-aggressive state, it must accept itself as the accessory that it is.

[15] Give no further consideration to harm, it is useless now – failure to care can only lead to decay and destruction. There is no reason to punish darkness for its lack of light; it is already being punished by its lack of light. [16] Where there is harm there is conflict and where there is conflict there is an absence of peace and well-being. We must now make haste, there is nothing left for us in no-Joy.

[17] So what is it that we wait for? Our current state demands bravery, not patience – the amount of time that we have left is unknown and everyday matters. [18] To be subject to our own fear, doubt, and procrastination in the face of diminishing opportunity is to fall victim to cowardice and self-tyranny. That is not us, that is not who we are. 

[19] We cannot let the misfortunes of the past keep us from our advance.  Our adversity has forged us, and we have survived with wisdom – wisdom that was earned at great cost – it is to be embraced and shared, not shamed and smothered. 

[20] We may not be accepting of how we got here, and we will never forget the injustices that have scarred us, but we can find peace and confidence in our own Honor and in the knowledge that truth is the final justice that comes for all in time – summoned or not. Leave the harms of the past with as much additional investment as they deserve – none.

[21] We must now accept the accountability that only we can assume. Sitting idle in non-action only fuels the anxiety of insecurity and the disappointment of unfulfilled potential. Sitting idle in non-action only increases the highly dangerous risks associated with teasing tragedy. [22] We mustn’t be haunted by the opportunity that we’ve been afforded – it is to be celebrated not feared.

[23] We’re all called to free our true potential, to become all that we’re capable of becoming. We’re all called and yet, few answer – too few answer. We must now respond with courage to the common sense guidance of the objective truth. [24] If we’re to live freely, we must now earn the honor that is freedom; we must now earn the honor that is Life. [25] To honor is to free, to free is to honor.