WJR 19. 1 - 10


Whole Life Well-Being Is Now the Universal Bottom-Line Measure of True Life Success

WJR 19 . 1 - 10


Whole Life Well-Being Is Now the Universal Bottom-Line Measure of True Life Success

[1] Courage & Common Sense Finally Bled Into One.

[2] Success now is about exercising control over what we can control in Life – our actions and our behaviors – in order to organically create, optimize, and sustain our own well-being – externally and internally.

  • It's about being deliberate about how we show up to do what we do.
  • It’s about being aware enough and ready enough to take the caring actions that are necessary to earn what we seek.
  • It’s about being responsible enough to assess and evaluate our efforts such that we can adjust, adapt, and transcend as we move forward.

[3] Success now is about accepting that our well-being as individuals is inextricably tied to the well-being of all other individuals that we share the planet with.  It’s about accepting that the just success of one is the success of all.  It’s about accepting that unity is the only rational human move.


Control What You Can Control


 [4] Will you transcend and prosper in the new world or remain stuck and suffer in the old?

"From a quality of experience standpoint, Life is only going to be as special as we make it – that truth is as much the case now as it always has been. The complexity and unpredictability of the challenges we’re facing today is what it is – all humans through all of time have had their own unique circumstances to deal with and we’re no different.

While the makeup of the resistances that humans must endure naturally varies through time, the response required of us remains essentially the same – figure out how to take the actions necessary to overcome the challenges being faced in favor of progress, growth, and prosperity or fail to do so and deal with the consequences associated with yielding to the resistance."

– Time to Adapt, WJR 4. 9 - 11

If you do not have a system to process the enterprise-like complexity of personal Life today, you will not be able to consistently overcome the changes, challenges, and resistances you face across the whole of your Life on a daily basis.

[5] Life today is too vast, too complicated, and too dynamic to be managed and optimized without a system to organize and process the complexity. 

Just like businesses, organisms, and organized efforts of all kinds require systems to help them stabilize, grow, adapt, and sustain – so too does individual Life.

[6] If you are not willing Life to make the time and/or invest the effort necessary to implement and run an executive control system that affords you command over all areas of your Life that ultimately impact your bottom-line well-being:

  • Your Life will remain stuck in the old think of the old world.

  • You will fail to have the capacity to control your actions and behaviors through time and the ever-changing circumstances that are natural to the environment that we all live and operate in. 
  • Progress and/or Joy gains being made in certain select areas of your Life will be offset and diluted by regress and Pain in other areas that are under-cared for and neglected.
  • Your overall well-being, your impact on those you care about the most, and your true potential will be compromised.

[7] There is no value left in the illusion of single-domain success (external or internal), in the pretense of selective accountability, or in the self-deception that is the ignorance-is-bliss approach to Life.

[8] The simple fact is – all areas of your personal accountability impact your bottom-line well-being to some degree and all of them are vulnerable to the relentless forces of change, challenge, and resistance on a daily basis – there are no exceptions. 

[9] Irrespective of your age, your station, or whether you’re currently thriving or struggling, the overall well-being state of your Life is on the line today and every day for as long as you’re alive. Do you have the capacity to respond? 

Are you willing and able to control what you can control?  To deliver and uphold care across the whole of your accountabilities on daily basis in favor of external progress and internal Joy? 

[10] Our sense of freedom, confidence, and peace of mind is empowered by our capacity to systematically create, optimize, and sustain our own well-being.  In the new world, where there is a learned appreciation for the preciousness of Life, this is all the reason needed to get properly enabled.               



Creating, Optimizing & Sustaining Success in the New World 

With purposeful command over what you do (your actions) and how you do it (your behaviors), you’re able to consistently overcome the relentless forces of change, challenge, and resistance across all areas of your Life.

What changes, challenges, and resistances? 

They vary by area of your Life, by the functional condition of any given area at any given point, and through time and circumstances. 

What are the areas? 

Your health, your family relationships, your spiritual and cultural practices, your passions, your pursuits, your domestic and financial responsibilities, your personal relationships, your leisure activities, and so on.

As you’re able to accelerate in the highest meaning areas of your Life while sustaining functionality in all others at the same time – you free your true potential, your Life flourishes, and you experience high levels of whole Life success – externally and internally. 

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