WJR 2. 1 - 21


The Nature of the Life Opportunity

“Most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. . . . Great emergencies and crises show us how much greater our vital resources are than we had supposed.”

– William James (1842 – 1910)

[1] Life is the ultimate opportunity. To begin, we’ve been afforded a Lifelong supply of the most precious resource available to human beings – time. And along with it, the power and freedom to reason, choose, and self-direct our actions to create whatever it is that we want to create with the time that we’re afforded.

[2] From a leadership standpoint, the structure of the Life opportunity is essentially ideal – we have final authority over the decisions that we make and the actions we take and we’re free to become as much of who and what we want to become as possible – there is no ceiling limiting our upside potential. [3] And what’s more, the benefits that come along with high performance are optimal.

As we take the actions necessary to realize our potential, we maximize the quality of our Life – we experience peak levels of fulfillment and Joy, we deepen meaning and connection in our most valued relationships, we create and contribute all that we’re capable of uniquely contributing, and we honor the opportunity that we’ve been afforded to the greatest extent that we’re able. [4] And while the benefits available are as favorable as we could possibly wish for, realizing them requires that we’re both willing and able to pay full price.

[5] As it goes with all great powers and freedoms, self-ownership comes with great responsibility. As the final authority in our Life, we decide how much of our potential we ultimately want to realize with the time that we’re afforded. We decide not just how much progress and Joy we want to create and earn but, if we’re so inclined, how much regress and Pain we’re willing to tolerate and let exist in our Life by failing to do so.

[6] We don’t have a governing board of directors holding us accountable to perform at our highest level. We are the board of directors of our own personal Life enterprise, the sole party answerable for our actions and results. [7] And should we choose to compromise our full potential by failing to pay the price necessary to realize it – namely, to deliver and uphold Honorable Care for our own Life – we don’t get fired, we get Pain. 

[8] As human beings, we’re all required to respond to the changes, challenges, and resistances we face in Life in order to survive, grow, prosper, etc. – both externally and internally. [9] And as we successfully respond to and progress through and beyond today’s challenges, we’ll face a new and different set of challenges tomorrow and we’ll need to overcome those in order to earn the opportunity to face the challenges that lie beyond. This never-ending process is the process of creating, of competing, of becoming in Life.

[10] When our efforts to overcome the changes, challenges, and resistances we’re facing are coming up short such that our overall well-being is in a negative state externally and/or internally, our highest potential – that part of us that seeks to make the most of the opportunity we’ve been afforded – calls us forward to try and get us to free ourselves from the harmful and contracting effects of regress and Pain. [11] These internal calls for us to deliver and uphold Honorable Care for our own Life are both a necessary survival mechanism and our greatest opportunity to evolve.

[12] We are always becoming more or less of what we're capable of becoming.  [13] As we journey along through Life, our highest potential represents the universal force of Life itself calling us to take the honorable actions necessary to secure ourselves from that which harms us, from that which compromises our vitality. [14] The calls of our highest potential are true gifts of internal intelligence, seeds of innovation that must be embraced and accepted as core elements of Life’s natural transcendence process.

[15] The freedom to pursue our own internal truth is the freedom to respond to the calls of our highest potential, to the calls to care for the Life we’ve been entrusted to care for. [16] Not everyone responds, not everyone is up for committing to Honor the Life opportunity they’ve been afforded even if it means they’ll live in increasing levels of Pain and suffering as time goes on.

[17] The more resistant we are to deliver and uphold care for our own Life – for all areas of accountability – the more internal conflict we experience. [18] How we choose to respond ultimately comes down to how much we value the Life opportunity we’ve been afforded and how much Pain we’re willing to create and tolerate as we live along.

[19] Those that choose to respond to the calls of their highest potential are:

  • Those that have no tolerance for failing to uphold dutiful care wherever they’re accountable to do so - wherever they've been entrusted to deliver it;
  • Those that refuse to sit on the negative impact their regress and Pain has on the quality of their own personal experience, on those they care about most, and on the world at large;
  • Those that are unwilling to compromise the opportunity they’ve been afforded to make their own unique and meaningful contribution to Life.

[20] Responding to the internal calls of our highest potential to take honorable action is to move through and beyond the pre-honor state of mind, to take on the challenges in Life in favor of Life. [21] Individuals that exercise their freedom to reason and choose to consent to the control necessary to deliver and uphold Honorable Care wherever they’re accountable are those that demonstrate respect for Life and for the opportunity they’ve been afforded. These individuals are self-creating, self-sustaining leaders, operators, and governors of the Life they own. These individuals are the Honorably Inclined.