WJR 4. 1 - 15


Changing Our Approach

WJR 4. 1 - 15


Changing Our Approach

“The most precious of all possessions is power over ourselves.”

– John Locke (1632 – 1704)

[1] The charge of self-ownership is to employ the means we’ve been afforded – our powers and freedoms to reason, choose, and self-direct our actions – to secure all areas of our Life and optimize those that mean the most to us. As we do so, we free our potential and maximize the quality of our Life experience. 

[2] To the extent that our efforts to self-create and self-sustain meaningful well-being are coming up short of our potential, it is incumbent upon each of us as the chief authority of our own Life enterprise to change our approach.

[3] And while history has shown that we’re more likely to compromise our well-being than we are to change our ways and commit to the control necessary to secure and maximize it, the environment that we find ourselves in today is different. [4] The complexities of the changes, challenges, and resistances we’re facing at the present time are unprecedented.

[5] The costs associated with waiving or failing to take full advantage of the powers and freedoms we’ve been afforded are now more prohibitive than ever – the costs of substandard care are at an all-time high. [6] For any number of reasons, we’re coming up short of delivering and upholding the Honorable Care necessary to protect and optimize our well-being and we’re paying a heavy price for it – both externally (regress) and internally (Pain).

[7] And while it’s true that we have struggled to secure all areas of our Life from the harmful effects of regress and Pain and while it’s also true that we’ve struggled to create and sustain authentic meaning in those areas that we value more than all others, the simple fact remains – we are still the owners, leaders, operators, and governors of a Life opportunity.

[8] We still have the power and the authority to create whatever it is that we want to create in our Life and should we choose to take the actions necessary to do so, we can spend the rest our days realizing the benefits of our efforts.   

[9] From a quality of experience standpoint, Life is only going to be as special as we make it – that truth is as much the case now as it always has been. [10] The complexity and unpredictability of the challenges we’re facing today is what it is – all humans through all of time have had their own unique circumstances to deal with and we’re no different.

[11] While the makeup of the resistances that humans must endure naturally varies through time, the response required of us remains essentially the same – figure out how to take the actions necessary to overcome the challenges being faced in favor of progress, growth, and prosperity or fail to do so and deal with the consequences associated with yielding to the resistance.

[12] As far as our highest potential is concerned, yielding is not an option. 

[13] And so, for the Honorably Inclined – those of us that are seeking to make the very most of the opportunity we’ve been afforded – the time has come to adapt our approach, to enhance the capability of our means. [14] The time has come to raise our level of Life Competitiveness in favor of optimizing the Quality of our Life Experience. 

[15] The state of our current state is calling us to change our ways. Life is calling us to assume a new rhythm, a new tempo, a new cadence: 

  • Commit to Honor Life

  • Deliver and uphold Honorable Care to Win and Joy

  • Win and Joy to Secure Life-Wide Freedom and Maximize Meaning

  • Secure Life-Wide Freedom and Maximize Meaning to Maximize Potential

  • Maximize Potential to Honor Life

  • Repeat